Friday, May 29, 2009

44 Ways to Support Jihad

by Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki

1. Having the Right Intention
2. Praying to Allah to award you with martyrdom
3. Jihad with your wealth
4. Fundraising for the mujahideen
5. Financing a Mujahid
6. Taking care of the family of Mujahid
7. Sponsoring the family of a shaheed
8. Sponsoring the familiies of the prisoner of war
9. Paying your zakah to the mujahideen
10. Contributing to the medical needs of the mujahideen
11. Providing Moral suppport and encouragement for the mujahideen
12. Defending the mujahideen and standing up for them
13. Fighting the lies of the Western Media
14. Exposing the hypocrites
15. Encouraging others to fight Jihad
16. Protecting the mujahideen and preserving their secrets
17. Praying for the mujahideen
18. Following the news of Jihad and spreading it
19. Spreading the writings of the mujahideen and their scholars
20. The issuance of fatwas supporting the mujahideen
21. Providing the scholars and Imams with information and news about the mujahideen
22. Physical fitness
23. Arms training
24. First aid training
25. Learning the fiqh of Jihad
26. Protecting the mujahideen and supporting them
27. Developing the Aqeedah of Walaa' and Baraa'
28. Fulfilling our responsibilities towards the Muslim POW
29. WWW Jihad
30. Raising our children on the love of Jihad and the Mujahideen
31. Avoiding the life of luxury
32. Learning skills that would benefit the mujahideen
33. Joining groups that work for Jihad
34. Spiritual preparation
35. Guiding others to the scholars of truth
36. Preparing for Hijrah
27. Giving naseehah to the mujahideen
38. Studying the hadiths of fitan
39. Exposing Pharoah and his magicians
40. Nasheeds
41. Boycotting the economy of the enemy
42. Learning Arabic
43. Translating Jihad literature into other language
44. Teaching others about the characteristics of al-Ta'ifah al-Mansoorah


  1. Some of the suggestions are legitimate, but this "scholar" needs to remember that it's HARAAM to attack women, the aged and children, and this came straight from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Just because other's commit sins and kill innocents does NOT justify Muslims killing innocents as well. Remember, we all have to face Allah SWT one day and if we deliberately disobey the limits set by the Prophet SAW, we risk facing hell fire for our misdeeds.

  2. Fuck off and go home

  3. The munafiqoon (hypocrites) at the bottom most pit of Narr(Hell), below Jews & Christians; thats God's promise and will never change. Where are all these so-called Muslims when Muslims are slaughtered like chickens by the Zionist IDF and the minute someone retaliates, these idiots begin cherry picking Koranic verses and the hadith.

  4. abuabdallaah AlsalafiJune 9, 2011 at 4:28 PM

    Jihad is not about killing inocent people and sucide bombings, and i agree with mohammad shaikh above. I suggest to those who follow this 'scholar' to go and read for themselves the fatawa "rulings" of the great scholars of our time i.e. Alalbani, Bin Otheimeen, Binbaz and much others , these scholars spoke about these things long ago and they are clear cut about it: sucide bombings are NOT jihad and the person who commits it is NOT shaheed and killing of non-muslims who trust in you and who are safe in your countries is TREASON to Allaah first and to your moral other words Jihad is in the battldfield NOT within civilians and not against minorities in our countries. The type of people who bear this type of thinking is dangerous not only to themselves, but also to Muslims worldwide and would hinder the most noble act in Islam these days which is DAWA towards the path of ALLAAH...

  5. ALLAHU AKBAR, there is nothing like suicide bombing in islam? Pls go back and study ILM, study the fatwas of scholars. You are misguiding people because you are afraid. May Allah SWT grant brother Anwar the highest level of JANNAH.

  6. You fools, where the Imam mentioned for suicide bombings. Your mind have gone nuts. You are not appreciating any single point and criticizing a point out of no where.

  7. I think this prays on the vulnerable and corrupts truth to back an agenda.
    this will not solve problems only exacerbate poverty ignorance and greed for power to those corrupting truth.
    If you want peace, be peaceful.